MuesliSwap Governance Process — Audited Ballots [back to election]

When you prepare a ballot with Helios, you immediately receive a ballot tracker. Before you choose to cast that ballot, you have the option to ask Helios to "break open" that encrypted ballot and verify that Helios encrypted your ballot correctly. Once that's done, you can post that opened ballot here, on the audited ballots' list, for everyone to verify (your identity is not included). Once you've done this, you have to re-encrypt your choices and obtain a different ballot tracker. This helps reduce the chance that someone might coerce you to vote differently from your true choice.

These ballots are not cast, and they will not be counted. They are just here for auditing purposes, to spot-check that Helios is properly encrypting voter's choices.

To verify an audited ballot, copy its entire content and paste it in the single ballot verifier.

Audited Ballots 1 - 50   

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